Hummingbirds are on their way.  Sightings have been reported all along the Gulf coasts and a few on the coast of SC.  I'll make nectar and hang two feeders sometime during the last week of March.  

John drove up to spend three days with me this week.  Mornings were cold so we did more paperwork and put in more hours on the computer trying to prove my identity or scan and attach what each financial institution required to open my account. 

 Dining room table lined with folders, stapled papers, printouts.  Can't close anything because we don't know what happens next.

 Cliff and I were joint on everything but all accounts  need to be closed and new ones solely in my name need to be set up with new numbers and passwords, etc. As the days warmed up we did outside tasks.  He helped me get my garden ready for planting where I had removed the rotted boards earlier.  We drove to Home Depot in Blairsville, purchased the lumber that he figured we'd need, and in a few hours he had the soil in place, cut the correct lengths for the tiers, angled the stakes and pounded everything in place.  

Happiness is...................................

I dumped the chicken poop from Lisa and Bill's chickens and worked it into the soil leaving some decaying leaves to break down.  

Last year Lisa purchased tall black potato bags and shorter bags in addition to her in-ground plants.  I thought what a great concept because it opens up another way for me to garden.  These five are potato bags folded down.  Each bag has a good layer of soil, purple potatoes with eyes with about four inches of soil covering the potatoes.  They are lined up out side of the fence because deer or bunnies have never nibbled on the plants.  Famous last words!  This gives me more space within the fence to put in plants.  

On March 8 I planted Cliff's favorite True Black Brandywine seeds.  They won't go out until May which gives them plenty of time to get strong and stay out of the cold.  The Almanac shows a wet chilly March.  

Tuesday evening John and I went out to eat at Enrico's Italian Restaurant with Kathy and Dutch.  John loves to eat and talk so we all had a good evening together.  It made it easier for me to go to that restaurant without Cliff.  Wednesday evening we stayed home and I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and beets. Thursday evening we went to Mike's Seafood Restaurant and enjoyed Bourbon Salmon.  John can strike up a conversation with anyone so everything we did together was enjoyable and made for a relaxing time.  He may be back late May or in June for a weekend.  I don't know how people who have no family or friends can get through the quagmire that comes now with handing the healing.  I know my family everyday is helping me get through this.


Karen Swain said…
Just checking in to see how you are doing. I am so glad you are keeping up with your blog. I love your humor and your descriptions. Having spent time with you on your mountain it is easy to visualize what you are describing. I am also glad that you are confident enough and comfortable with discussing your feelings, successes and setbacks. It can’t be easy but you can rest assured that friends and family who follow this blog will be good listeners and will offer advice only when asked for. LOL!

You are always in my thoughts. Keep in touch and if we are headed your way and you are ready we will stop by.

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