Saturday, June 28, 2014

Returning home from town yesterday afternoon and rounding a curve on Boulder Creek Rd, we were warmly greeted by  (click on to enlarge)

mother doe and her new fawn.  We believe the fawn is about a week to two old.  It's legs were strong and steady.  The white spots indicate how young it is.  When the fawn is curled up in its nest on the forest floor, the spots resemble dappled sun coming through the trees deceiving the eyes of any approaching predators.

We won't be setting up at the market today.  Our chance of thunderstorms start with 30% and by noon increase to 40% and 50%.   

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This morning I received an email from a dear friend in Florida telling me to update the blog so she can see if I'm behaving myself and to follow the Farmers Market activities.  I know I've been lax.  I haven't felt like blogging.  It's difficult to think when you're brain is in a fog.  Nothing has seemed important enough to write about.  Some days my osteoarthritis keeps me from being me.  Many nights are very restless and sleepless making me fatigued during the days.  I've been obsessed with researching reputable medical sites reading about this autoimmune disease.  I'm not angry that I have it.  There are people younger than me that have arthritis and others who have more debilitating illnesses than this.  Arthritis is on my mother's side of the family.  I don't ever remember anyone on my father's side complaining of joint/muscle aches and pains, but my father's side has depression issues.   I guess I just wasn't expecting to experience the effects until I got old, about 87.  That said, time to do some updating.

Last Tuesday, Cliff headed north in the Kia to visit his 91 year old mother.  Originally, I was going to go half way and stay with Lauria, Jim, and our five energetic grandchildren while he finished his 2-day trek.  A couple of days before the trip, we knew I couldn't travel comfortably 10 hours by car and cope without sleeping at night.  It wouldn't be fun for anyone.  Cliff made the long trip by himself and had a wonderful visit with his mother.  They ate out often and he did little errands and chores that needed to be done.  It's always difficult to leave elderly parents because they don't know if they will ever see you again.  On the way home Sunday, Cliff spent the afternoon in Virginia with Lauria's family celebrating Grant's 9th birthday.  As of right now, there are three 9 year olds, one 5 year old, and Ben is 4.
                                                                 Grant opening his gifts
I really missed being with everyone and celebrating a birthday.  I especially missed the good time they had at the Mexican restaurant.

With Cliff being away last Saturday, I didn't set up at the Farmers Market.  The arthritis has zapped my energy and I've lost strength and muscle mass in my arms and shoulders.  Cliff sets up my tent and tables, carries all the containers for me so I can display the crafts.  He arrived home Monday afternoon, weary and achy.  This Saturday we'll be back to the market socializing and selling.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cliff had the truck all packed by 7:15 am with my fabric creations, our folding chairs, folded table, and anything else we would need for our long long day.  I brought peaches, cut up cantaloupe, and lots of bottled water.  After my tent was set up, Cliff helped others get their tents up.  The L&N Depot was a bustling place this morning with energy and chatter as vendors displayed their goods in hopes for a very successful day.  Down by the riverwalk there was music, clogging performances, demonstrations, and other activities.  Today's hours were advertised as 9-4 but people started arriving after 8.
I met the photographer at this tent.  His work is wonderful.  I fell in love with his abandoned barn scenes framed with old barn wood.  The vendor to my left makes copper jewelry and moves like the energizer bunny.  Her 11-year old daughter spent 15 minutes trying on different hats on my table.  She kept going back to a bright yellow one and I could see the wheels turning as she was trying to figure out how she could own it.  I told if it was ok with her mother, we'd barter and she could have the yellow bucket hat.  The temperature hit 88 by the time we left at 4 and she kept the hat on the whole time.
Today the vendor on my right was quite an interesting man who makes character birdhouses.  After working for the same company in California for 47 years, he took an early retirement, bought some acreage here because he could no longer afford to live in California, and started designing and building birdhouses to sell.  He told us that about an hour from us toward Franklin are three old ruby mines where he goes and searches for rubies.  We never knew there were ruby mines here.
Some of the tents to our left.   All the produce vendors are grouped together at the entrance of the market.  Today I bought fresh beets, carrots, broccoli from my Candy Mountain farmers and a delicious olive oil bread and blueberry muffins from their son who stayed up all night baking dozens of fresh bread and blueberry muffins for today. He's earning money toward his dorm expenses when he starts college this fall. No rain, no distant thunder today.  We were hot and weary by 4 and ready to get into the air conditioning.  I had a fairly good day, sold lots of items.  If you count all the hours of sewing and sitting at the market, it's not really very profitable.  But people at the markets don't expect to get rich.  We're amazed by the number of educated people who have retired or left high paying stress jobs to settle in this area and reinvent themselves.  Peace and contentment.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farmers Market

If you checked the weather forecast hourly starting Friday afternoon and again as you poured your morning coffee, you'd never plan any outside activities lately.  We're in a soupy pattern, more like what we experienced when first moving to Florida, where each afternoon we were greeted by thunderstorms that cooled the air and moved on.  I decided to take a gamble on the 40% chance of storms by 1 pm and set up my crafts anyway.  We left the house a few minutes after 8 which the earliest time yet.  A few customers were already wandering around at 8:30 watching vendors display their plants, produce, and crafts.  The Farmers Market hours are advertised 10 -2, but most are set up by 9.  Before I became a vendor, I arrived by 9:30 to buy fresh produce, free-range chicken, and fresh free-range eggs.  Certain vendors sell out quickly.  Right now there are plenty of locally grown herbs, butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants, and other transplants available.
Last week two people asked if I had any plastic bag dispensers.  I don't use them and didn't think they would sell so never made any.  I just shove my plastic Walmart and Ingles bags in another bag and store them under the sink.  After those requests, I dragged out some scraps of cloth and whipped up a bunch for this Saturday.  Sold all but two.  Next Saturday is our Art Festival which is posted on the site so we should see a good crowd. 
Art, River & Music Festival
We'll be setting up early and staying til 4 pm.  So lots of fabric and thread will be flying out in the sewing room all this week. The rain held off until about  a half-hour after we arrived home and we had a really good day.