Not much left of the garden, just a few butterfly bushes and the red salvia.  Pineapple sage is ready to burst open just in time for the hummingbirds to migrate south.

butterfly bush was full all summer. With less daylight we not seeing as many blooms.

kitchen garden full of sage, mints, and basil

Sunday I cut lots of basil stalk, made a water slush in the mini food processor, and froze them.

bagged and labeled them and stored them in freezer bags.

Collards will grow through the winter and the snow.

                                                         Moon flowers

Our neighbor's chickens.  We take care of them when they are away for a couple of days.  Cliff changes the water while I fill the feed and collect eggs.  Sometimes I chop kale and cabbage with some parsley and basil and kitchen compost scraps for their treat.

Cliff has an appointment next Tuesday for laser surgery on his cataracts.  He's not able to read close up and our eye optometrist diagnosed reforming cataracts.  It's a quick easy procedure which should allow him to read again. Then two days after that is his next oncologist appointment.  He has some good days and some very tired days.  Today was a tired day.  

We woke to 34 degrees this morning. Day was sunny and temperature reached 67.  We've been watching TWC following Hurricane Ian.  We'll see rain and winds to 10 mph Saturday from Ian.  As of this post Mark and John are safely hunkered down in their homes.


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