It was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride all through the night.............

Cliff loved electronic gadgets so we had three weather alert radios in this little house.  One was placed on top of the fridge.  Another in the big bedroom and one positioned by his recliner along with his fire radio, pager, and TV remote.  Oh, and his iPhone and iPad.  Everything a techie needed within reach.  Every so often there would be a chuckle from the recliner that he couldn't the channel with his cell phone.  I did keep the weather alert by his recliner which is now favorite place.  From that position I can see the HB feeder and bird swing  and the one seed feeder.  

The weather alert sounded five times throughout the night for storm and tornado warnings for Cherokee County and Murphy.  I listened then fell asleep again.  When it went off again at 5:45 I just got up and after checking the map figured I had enough time for a quick wake-up shower. This is a good day to catch up on all the neglected inside tasks that I've been putting off so I could play out in the dirt.  After breakfast I tackled both bathrooms, vacuumed floors and dusted corners.  Phew! Did a load of light colors and made Cliff's favorite 3-potato salad for me.  Lightly frying my Nantahala trout and sauteing baby kale now.  Plan on vacuuming the rest of the house until this front passes later.  I'll check the weather app for lightning in the area.  If its safe it's a great time to did up some of the foxgloves that seed themselves everywhere and transplant them where I can see them from my kitchen window.  

Got my new glasses yesterday and eyes are still adjusting.  She said it may take two days.  I think the frame is a bit loose because I keep pushing it back up so I can see.  Tomorrow I'll drop my and get it adjusted.


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