Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The three doe nibbling on green shrubbery and twigs near the garden this morning were decked out in their thicker winter coats.  Early morning temperatures in the twenties this last week took a toll on the late summer and fall blooms that were still providing nectar for the honey bees.  When the sun warms their hives and the air temperature reaches around fifty degrees the bees take flight heading for any flowers still available.  There are none left.  Later today I'll pull some of the plants and lay them in a pile for Cliff to put in the woods for me.  He's been so supportive, taking over many of the household tasks that I've enjoyed and been able to do myself.  Sun and sixties are predicted for the next two days so I should be able to get most of the dead plants cleaned up without triggering any inflammatory response.  I haven't had any flares, swollen knuckles or hands, or stiffness or pain since I quit drinking my wines in late September.  The cold front and dampness haven't caused any trouble either.......so far.  I really believe my gut can't tolerate wine as often as I was enjoying it.  I truly miss the glass of red wine when preparing our supper so have replaced it with a cup of tea.  As we age our organs don't function as efficiently as they did when we were young so the digestive juices can't do their job and the body lets us know.  The newly added Sunday methotrexate injections aren't the reason for my improved health because it takes two months to get into my system.  I'm blessed to have no ill side effects from this drug as that was my biggest fear.  Methotrexate is also used for certain types of cancers, thus the toxicity and hair loss.   I'm tolerating it very well and will have a liver function blood panel done on Friday.  I'm not bald yet...............

This year the Christmas cards I designed are pen and ink because our color printer gave up the ghost. Before throwing it away, Cliff decided to try and trouble-shoot the problem.
A mouse had been storing sunflower seeds and acorns......acorns? how did it get them past us? using the printer as a root cellar storage for winter.  We haven't had mice trouble since last winter.  Needless to say, the printer is in the trash and this year's Christmas cards are black and white. 

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