Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Sunday was my birthday.  What more important event is there than a person's birthday?  A celebration of life.

(The Jane Goodall Institute)

Tucked in the mailbox with the birthday cards from family and friends was a envelope from Cochran Family of Funeral Services.  That was quickly discarded to the trash.

Cliff and I made an old-fashioned apple crisp from a recipe online by The Chunky Chef.  You can't go wrong with a chef named Chunky.  
Easy, juicy, and delicious especially with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream........or both.

I finally picked the three chocolate peppers and grilled them with Cliff's shrimp and my mountain trout for lunch today.  

This morning our temperature was 27 and even with full sun was slow to rise.  As it reached 60 by mid-afternoon, the sun started back down behind the mountain taking the temperature down too. So far our November days have been comfortable.

Last night was sleepless for me.  Shoulder and wrists inflammation sent me to the recliner because it was too painful to lie in bed.  The doctor said my body is reacting to the weather changes with the past geologically expansive hurricanes, more tropical energy brewing, and the very cold mornings. He advised the next time it happens, to fill the tub with very warm water, yes, even at 2:30 am, sink as far down in the water as I can, and only come up for Pina coladas!  It's 6 pm now and I'm doing well.  Cliff has a fire in the stove, dishes are done, and so are we for day.

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