Tuesday February 16.............

Yesterday morning Cliff drove me to the Cherokee County Health Center for my first Covid vaccine.  Luckily for us, things are very well organized and running smoothly.  I was taken a few minutes after checking in, then vaccinated, and sent to the waiting area with a disinfected 15-minuted timer.  Talked to a few other masked people, strategically placed in the hall, to pass the time.  Later in the day, my arm felt heavy and slightly achy.  I fortified myself with  Motrin at breakfast and continued taking one throughout the day.  Started again this morning with Motrin to help control any inflammation that wanted to take over.  Wrists and fingers feel like they normally would with this miserably dry cold winter weather.  Today is heavy overcast, 26 cutting cold degrees with a light dusting of snow.  Cliff has a nice fire warming the furniture and house.  Stuck to reading, playing a Mahjong computer game, and playing the piano off and on.  No repetitive wrist activity.  Cliff is doing well and is a week past his booster. 


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