First of all, I goofed on yesterday's report of normal blood results.  They were not normal.  The numbers were all over the place due to the chemo.  He was released because he didn't have cellulitis and the doctor doubled his Lasix Rx to relieve the fluid causing the redness and pain in both legs.  Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, we will follow up with our doctor.  Cliff went to his chemo appointment this morning and had a good discussion with the PA.  It upsets him that he never gets to see or talk to the doctor, only a PA.  No chemo today because of the blood results.  He's feeling quite well today. On the way home from the clinic he wanted a full breakfast at the Sawmill so he ordered a pancake, two eggs over easy, and an order of bacon.  His eyes are fully opened today, color is good, and he's up and around doing little tasks.  Usually by the weekend he begins showing signs of normalcy where he can carry on a full conversation and get involved in life again.  Then chemo Monday rolls around and depletes his blood cells so he isn't in this world again for days.  Something he learned today from the PA is that the clinic watches how a patient reacts to the first month of chemo and the treatments can be adjusted as needed.  This upset him as he wasn't informed of this before the treatments started.  

Cliff wants to do things for himself.  He's tired of me doing simple things like scrambling his eggs and making his toast so the other morning I found him in the kitchen starting to fix his own breakfast.  So he rests a bit then does one more thing.

He had his toaster, eggs, butter, utensils right where he could stay and eat without exerting any unnecessary energy.

This morning at the Sawmill Restaurant.  On the way home after this breakfast he told me he felt like meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  So right now it's 2:40 pm and he's pacing in the kitchen ready to help make the meatloaf.  SO wonderful to see him hungry and want food.

Since midnight we've had 2.52 inches of rain.  The garden soil loves the rain and the greens are popping up reaching for the sun.  My wild daisies are beginning to bloom.  The rain has cleared away some of the pollen and the air smells fresh.


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