We received lots of information this morning from our doctor, asked lots of questions, and got a few issues cleared up.  Cliff will be seeing him every seven to ten days for a quick blood draw and check on his leg edema to keep him out of clinics and hospitals. He gave us some suggestions on handing pressure and emotions that pop up during the difficult days.   We both felt good after the consult this morning.  Cliff needs to prop up his feet during his rest time. I need to get back to my exercise, whatever it is I choose to do, and we need to take breaks from each other when we get on each others nerves.  

Last night Cliff showed up at his Station 25 training and was warmly welcomed back.  It's been a couple of months since he's been on any calls or to any training but his volunteers have been in constant contact checking on him.  Since there was no chemo Monday he felt well enough to try the meeting.  What a boost to his moral......a feel of normalcy.  After telling one of his friends that I made him a meatloaf because it's what he craved, the friend showed up this afternoon with two packages of frozen elk hamburg and five pound of frozen grass-fed beef, which he raises himself.  Not the elk. Not sure where that comes from.  Cliff just got a text from Jamie, the beef friend, and his mother-in-law is making Cliff a meatloaf for tomorrow!  

We've had 4.6 inches of rain since yesterday forming new streams down the mountain.

I walked down through our woods this afternoon between storms and found this new creek running down the mountain.


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