Do you ever remember a time that you ignored the little voice in your head, your intuition, telling you to follow through with something or not place three old gallon porch stain cans where you might right drive over them when pulling out of the garage??  

First of all, I had four very restless night's sleep. Three nights my mind kept talking to me, very stressful. Nothing it said made any sense. The fourth night I blame on the painful left shoulder muscles burning all night due to overdo and the weather.  Too many nights without my sleep causes a foggy brain. In the morning I made a soup that called for either using the immersion blender, which I usually prefer because it's easier to clean but decided to use the carafe blender for a smoother finish to the soup.  The soup hadn't cooled quite enough and I was in a hurry, bad combination when fatigued.  The still-too-warm soup rocketed out of the blender top leaving me to wash the fridge side and front, the kitchen floor, all the cabinets it splashed, and the whole stove top and front.  I did still have some soup left in the blender carafe and it was pretty good tasting.  Later in the day Cliff had a hankering for hot dogs and boiled two in a wide-open saute pan.  After the pan cooled, and forgetting there was water still in it, "fog-brain," I grabbed it to wash in the soupy water and the "dog" water splashed all over the stove top and the counters, counter doors, and of course the floor.  Washed everything again.  

A couple of days before this fiasco I wanted to stain the yoga deck.  Brought the stain cans from the garage to find that the cold winter weather had ruined the stain and we'd need to buy new stain.  I moved the three cans out of the garage placing them up against the fence while a little voice told me "not a good idea."  Some time later when I did back out, I ran over two cans and splashed and sprayed the oil-based stain all over the new Kia and the fence and the gravel.  Cliff tried washing as much off as he could but it didn't work.  I quickly called the nearest detail place because Kia couldn't help us with the blunder.  Luckily, it's only a few miles from us.  They tried to remove the stain but it had soaked through the wax.  But they can remedy the mess Monday morning, tomorrow.  After all the wax layers are removed and the staining is repaired, we'll have a ceramic polished applied which will last about two years and prevent this kind of damage again.  

Stay tuned.....................

I'm sure I can get into some other mess in the weeks to come........................


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