Monday, December 2, 2019

Today is a raw deeply overcast dreary dank day.  Early this morning a dusting of snow left mush on the porch but clear roads, thank goodness, so I could go dance at the gym after a guilt-free Thanksgiving weekend with Mark and Jen.  They arrived early evening on Thanksgiving Day. 
Friday was perfect for sitting out by the fire pit. Even though it was cloudy,  the temperature stayed comfortable. 
I brewed up a real hot cocoa recipe with a pinch of cayenne pepper in Christmas mugs.  Cliff and Mark needed a can of whipped cream for theirs. 
After relaxing by the pit we went to Bistro 29 in Murphy for dinner. 
I made whoopie pies before they arrived and froze the cake halves.  Mark and Cliff enjoying guilt-free pies with coffee ice-cream filling and whipped cream.
Friday we went to Blue Ridge, GA where I thought I was going to buy Three Sisters Homemade Fudge.  It seems everybody else decided to visit historic Blue Ridge Friday, too. Coffee shops had thirty minute wait lines and the fudge shop was so packed we couldn't get in.  We happened to catch a glimpse of the "Polar Express" train as it slowly passed the depot.

The train was full of families with children dressed in their pajamas experiencing the Polar Express story.
Jen celebrating early Christmas.

This has been a bonus year for us.  Carolyn and John were here for Father's Day, Michael flew in for my birthday in November, and Mark and Jen came for the Thanksgiving weekend.  When winter is done, we'll try to get to Virginia to see Lauria, Jim, and grandchildren.  I'm not sure how many more times I can make long car trips. 

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