Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 After a very busy morning driving back and forth from Lowe's in Murphy to The Depot, as my Mother used to call it, in Blairsville, GA, I took my late afternoon tea to the garden chair over looking the fall garden.  Before resting in the chair, the yoga deck invited me to lie supine and gaze through branches and leaves toward the sky appreciating the calm a forest brings.

The leaf colors seem late this year and leaves have just begun to fall.  

The hummingbirds have gone south to their winter homes leaving all the beautiful red salvia for the bees.

I've been cutting and drying herbs for winter use.  

                             dill, coriander seeds, basil, and holy basil for tea
As of this writing, I'm not going to continue any gardens through winter. I've decided to let nature take whatever is in the garden and kitchen gardens and I'll start new in March.  We'll see how I do with this.

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